shooting director

I have wide cross genre-shooting director experience. Subject matter I have covered includes documentary, sport, music videos, live music, comedy and drama. This has included working with CEOs, performers, children, and social and medical professionals in a variety of controlled and actuality situations. Studio and green screen filming have also featured in this work, some with complex graphics. Sometimes I will edit what I have shot with Avid being my software of choice.


A Countryman's Journey - John Keeling
Pilot about wildlife cameraman and poet, John Keeling (short extract)

Birds of Prey - fly on the wall
A pilot produced with Humble Bee about the International Birds of Prey Centre.

The Squirrel - children's story
Green screen live action and puppetry filming brought together as a charming wildlife story for children

Iolo Williams - wildlife of Swansea Bay
One of twelve green tourism videos for Swansea Council – six in English & six in Welsh.

No Job Too Big or Small
Certainly one of the craziest music videos I’ve ever directed. No wildlife in this one.

Sail Away
Quite a tricky green screen and graphics shoot that I also edited.