The Spirit of the Kite

The Spirit of the Kite

‘The Spirit of the Kite’ is the first novel in a series called, ‘The Life and Times of Tudor Morgan’.

Tudor Morgan is a wildlife cameraman that I created from  my wildlife filming experiences over the years.  The idea started out as a screenplay for a film.  To be honest, I lost faith in that ambition: it’s difficult enough to get a simple documentary series commissioned let alone a feature film. One day, should the series become popular, that might change.

Thinking about it, the story idea was always going to make a better book or series of books.  The re-write started earlier this year. Because the plot was well formed it was easier than it might have been.

‘The Spirit of the Kite’ came from a belief. It is not necessarily my belief. The belief is to do with the spirits of living creatures and how our own spirits are inextricably linked with those of wild creatures. This was the seed for a number of other ideas which I took and juggled around until I had a semblance of a good story.

The first novel is approximately 91000 words and will be published later this year.

Egg Collecting

Wildlife conservation is at the heart and soul of what I believe in. One of the aims with this series of books is to integrate ideas about wildlife conservation. In the book above, ‘The Spirit of the Kite’, the key issue is the collection of the eggs of rare birds. This activity has been going on for years, and people still do it. Egg collecting is a totally selfish act on the part of the collector, and rare birds are put in even greater peril by egg collectors.

Being a wildlife cameraman for real is rather more like this link. But if you want a bit of murder mystery in your life, strange goings on in the countryside and a good laugh you might find ‘The Life and Times of Tudor Morgan’ to be up your street.

If you ever suspect an egg collecting incident you should report it using the information on this link. Egg collecting and how to report it.