Countryman wildlife cameraman

Countryman wildlife cameraman

John  Keeling is what I would call a countryman wildlife cameraman.  This is John’s website.

What do I mean by countryman wildlife cameraman? In my simple language it is someone who lives and breathes the countryside.  It’s someone who grew up in the countryside and learned the nuances of wildlife behaviour by watching and listening to it.  You don’t need a degree from any university to be in tune with nature. A love of the countryside, a keen eye and patience are amongst the attributes that a countryman has.

A few years ago I was lucky enough to direct a pilot for a television series and the presenter, though he wouldn’t call himself that, is John Keeling.  I was introduced to John by another excellent cameraman friend Steve Phillipps.  The pilot was produced by Humble Bee Ltd., a company that I have worked with several times over the years.  Stephen Dunleavy, a top notch producer and director, runs the company.

We filmed the pilot over the course of four very challenging November days a couple of years ago and I have included an excerpt above.  If you like it you could do us a favour and get in touch.  Many people like John in this pilot.  He’s a knowledgeable, warm chap, with the ability to capture wildlife in camera and in poetry too.  See what you think. The wildlife footage belongs to John.

John Keeling dvd
DVD cover of one of John’s own videos

‘Old style’ wildlife cameraman

The style of wildlife filming is pure observation.  There are no gimmicks or fancy equipment. Thousands of people call themselves a wildlife cameraman or wildlife photographer these days.  Anyone with enough money can book a trip to Africa and come back with stunning photographs of lions and wildebeest.  But could they go out into the British countryside and film a weasel for example.  That’s the clip I’ll put up next time.