Series end – Great Orme, Padarn

Series end – Great Orme, Padarn

It all came around so quickly, Series end – Great Orme, Padarn.  The series is ‘Great Welsh Parks 3’ for BBC Wales.  Everyone thought that two series would be a struggle, so three?

A view from the top of Padarn Country Park.

The view above is one that I came to  know quite well over the course of the series.  Padarn is a country park next to Llanberis in Snowdonia. Tourists will know it well. Llanberis Pass has to be one of the most beautiful drives in Wales.  From Llanberis you can take a steam train to the top of Snowdonia, or another around the lake. On a Bank Holiday in spring or summer the lakeside will be alive with people.  Many come just to look, others to partake in various activities such as climbing and canoeing.

On the Great Orme – a cold autumn’s day filming goats

Series end – Great Orme, Padarn

The Great Orme was another of our chosen parks.  Parks by their very nature should attract people and this one certainly does. From a wildlife cameraman point of view my favourite visit was the one we spent filming stoats. Why? You just don’t see them that often, and we had good views of this one. I’m looking forward to seeing how it works in the programme. Goats can be very placid most of the time, but at least the billies had a bit of a go at each other on our last trip to The Orme.

Back to Padarn: ring ousel put on a singing show for us on our very first visit to the park and we had a male sitting on top of some industrial debris singing its head off.  Speaking of ‘heads off’, it would have been wary of peregrines.  They were almost always around the slate hewn slopes, and last week we glimpsed one stooping at a lone redwing, No wonder those redwing were jumpy, but we did film some shots of them on the copious crop of rowan berries, but they never sat still for more than a few seconds.

Next week we’ll be rounding up the series at Dare and Margam Parks so let’s hope the weather holds out.