Who am I?

A couple of days ago I was filming on the side of a mountain in the Brecon Beacons right next to a footpath.  We were a little off the beaten track with hardly anyone passing by in the brisk autumn weather.  A kestrel was hunting from the trees and bushes scattered on the slopes below, eventually catching what appeared to be a wren. The kestrel took it to a rock and made short work of devouring it. Time was a bit short, but as the kestrel continued to hunt I thought it was worth staking out the rock just in case it returned with more prey. As I hunkered down next to the path in my weatherproof clothing and camouflaged hat I was impressed to see a man and wife shepherding their 3 young girls along the path towards me.

As they drew near we exchanged pleasantries, and one of the young girls said to her Dad, ‘Is that Bear Grylls?’ Well, if I’d had my wits about me I would have turned over a rock, eaten a beetle then leapt off the side of the mountain. As it was I said ‘Sorry, I’m not bear anything’.

Fair play to the family, they must have walked miles, whereas my helicopter was parked just around the corner.