Lancashire days

Filming with the RSPB in Lancashire

Some wildlife filming days are simply a joy. Yesterday we were hosted by the amazing RSPB staff at the Leighton Moss Reserve in Lancashire.

The day started off with a bit of bird ringing: sedge warbler followed by reed warbler. Shortly after we filmed views from the new viewing tower which overlooks this fabulous reserve. The official opening of the tower is yet to come, so we were privileged to ‘test it’. We were rewarded with excellent views of 2 otters fishing and marsh harriers hunting. There was also a good showing from a flock of black tailed godwits godwits flying beautifully from time to time before settling to feed. ¬†As they turned and twisted in the beautiful morning light they seemed to momentarily disappear from the viewfinder altogether, then reappear as if by magic from the background.

Later in the day we visited Warton Crag. The target species was small pearl bordered fritillary. This gorgeous little butterfly doesn’t stay still for long, but one did settle for a spell and I did film some very close shots of its underside and upper wing surfaces. Dingy skipper, small heath and common blue were also added to our list of filmed butterflies. It was quite warm so the butterflies were spending most of the time in the air. If they settled at all it only took the slightest disturbance to put them into the air again. I find that the best approach is to put the Canon HJ 18 x 28 on, stand still and wait until something lands within range.

Traveling around as a wildlife cameraman you get to meet the best people. The guys and gals at Leighton Moss and across the rest of West Lancashire reminded me of the great work being done so enthusiastically to create a better wildlife world for all of us. They can only do it with our support, so join the RSPB, your county Wildlife Trust, or any of the other charities that takes your fancy.