In the limelight

In the history of wildlife film making it is probably true to say that the wildlife cameraman, or should I say wildlife cameraperson (camera person) has often been in the limelight. In reality, many of us are very shy and retiring folk who only come out at night, and then only to feed quietly before going back to bed. It’s a miracle we’re not extinct. The actual process of filming the wildlife subject has often been as interesting as the subject itself and the two have gone hand in hand.  When I am talking to non-media industry friends they often say that the ‘making of’ additions at the end of programmes are what they enjoyed most. I’m not sure what to think about that.  There is definitely a much fuller discussion here, but my thoughts this time are not that deep.

My second favourite presenter

I have only ever been on one ‘making of’ programme, in fact I edited it too, and sometime I’ll find a copy and post it here.  What I do like to do is keep location shots to remind me of where I have been, and so that the moment I get home I can sit down for a cuppa with my wife and share the filming experiences.  This photo makes me laugh.  It’s in a really rich woodland in Kent, and I knew Iolo was behind me somewhere, just not exactly where or what he was up to.