Mystery receipts

Mostly wildlife camera people are freelance, more so than in the past.  Part of the job, an onerous one at the end of a long filming day, is sorting through and trying to record accurately your legitimate expenditure relating to the job in hand.  This can be painful at the end of a long summer day, and many of us leave the job until the pile of assorted receipts could only ever be deciphered by a forensic accountant.

Today I was chucking some stuff out of the attic (I think I have mentioned this activity before… I must be obsessed with it!)  I came across some accountancy records for 2007 pertaining to a filming trip top Portugal.  There was a receipt in there in Euros for the equivalent of £2.34, and it quite plainly said, in Portugese, ‘2 trout’.  They were dead I hasten to add, and from the fishmonger’s section of a supermarket.  If you’ve never been to a fishmonger’s on the continent, particularly near the coast, I would recommend it: it will leave you in awe at the amazing creatures in our oceans.

Anyway, the trout were an attempt to draw terrapins in close to an underwater camera in a lake in Portugal.  It worked, and the terrapins destroyed the fish bait voraciously, but the moment they came their enthusiasm stirred up the water so much that all you could see, at one point only, was a forelimb and claws… that was it.

Being a wildlife cameraman has its ups and downs, and strange shopping expeditions.  Considering my Portugese at the time extended no further than ‘thank you’, I think it was pretty good I came away with just trout, and not on angler fish or live lobster.