Doc Martin

I don’t work just as a wildlife cameraman, amongst other things I have filmed a bit of drama in the past.  Unfortunately I haven’t filmed any of the ‘Doc Martin’ series, which is a shame because it looks like great fun to be a part of, and I also think that I’m evolving into the main character 🙂

Old School Hotel, Port Isaac

My wife and I took a trip to Port Isaac, where the series is based.  On TV this classic Cornish coastal village is known as Port Wenn.  The buildings that feature in the series are easily recognisable, including the old school, which is now the hotel in which we stayed (and very nice it is too!).  Out of season the village is relatively quiet.  Filming for the next series begins in a few weeks when the tourist season starts to hot up.

Having now been there I will watch the new series with scrutiny, particularly for the ways in which different locations are integrated to appear to be the same location.  It’s all about the art of deception, not in a misleading way, but to tell the story as well as possible.

There is a fair amount of artistic deception in the Old School Hotel, and this example is particularly nice.  Just about everything here is painted on, apart from the hooks and board on the left and the floor in the foreground.  Somewhere in amongst the corridors are the doors to the ladies and gents.  It all gets very confusing as the evening wears on.

Ladies and Gents – not all they seem at the Old School Hotel