Frogs at last

It’s half way through March.  This morning there was a large single blob of frog spawn in the corner of our pond.  I’ll have to check last year’s diary, but this must be a couple of weeks later than last year.  From a distance you can see the surface of the water moving, it seems, of its own accord.  Underneath the frogs are ‘at it’.

frog spawn
Frog spawn

It is 3 years since we’ve had 30+ frogs in residence, but usually there is a small advance guard followed by all of the potential breeders.  At the moment I can’t see any adults at all, but there are obviously at least 2.  When you go too near the pond they freeze, or dive for cover.  Waiting a few minutes usually sees them popping back to the surface one by one.  I was thinking of dropping a GoPro in there and doing a wildlife cameraman busman’s holiday, but unless some more arrive I’ll leave them in peace.  Maybe next year the numbers will recover?

frog hiding behind stem
Frog ‘hiding’ unsuccessfully
Male frog mid croak