Caption competition

I wasn’t feeling particularly great yesterday- made the mistake of thinking I wasn’t going to be ill at all over the winter.  Strange though, isn’t it, how you become susceptible when the pressure comes off and you know you don’t have to be on top form for a couple of weeks.  So as I sat snivelling and checking a string of rubbish emails thankfully the Natural History Network came through. The Natural History Network is now run by Wildscreen.  Well would you believe it (I couldn’t) I had won the caption competition.  There is no prize as such, but having your name and profile featured is quite important to a quiet person who finds self-promotion quite tough.  I spoke to two other wildlife cameramen at a recent meeting and we all agree that generally speaking wildlife cameramen don’t really ‘put it out there’.  It must be a personality thing that goes with the job.  Anyway…

“Thank you for your wonderful entries – we were spoilt for choice,,, but this month’s winner is… Cameraman Graham Horder…”

“Sorry it’s not a Polaroid… the polar bear’s got the day off.”