It’s ****ing everywhere!

As a wild life cameraman travelling extensively I get to see a lot of this.  I do not think there is anywhere in the world you can go without seeing it.  Such is our appetite for this particular behavior that we can even lay claim to doing it in space.  The oceans are rife with it and some people even think it’s OK to do it in my own garden, usually at night, without my permission too!

Litter in Wentwood Forest – recycling centre only 3 miles away!

I am of course talking about litter.  People who drop litter are amongst the most environmentally irresponsible members of society.  Litter in the environment does all sorts of damage and here in the UK there is simply no excuse for it as we can can recycle just about everything here.  Yesterday my wife and I went for a walk onto Gray Hill.  We pulled into the car park to be confronted by a vandalized bin, flat screen TV, a child’s pushchair and all sorts of other crap.  Amazingly, from this very spot you can look down onto an excellent recycling facility at Five Lanes just a few minutes away. Why did someone think it was OK to do this, and who did they think was going to clean it up. Unfortunately I know the answer to this – they really don’t give a stuff. They must be apprehended and prosecuted.  Our countryside is not a receptacle for people’s junk.