Gwent Wildlife Trust

It’s the last in the series of ‘Iolo’s Great Welsh Parks’ this evening. As the cameraman on this wildlife series it might sound odd when I say that I’m looking forward to seeing it, but that is the case. Over the course of the filming year you get an impression of what the programme might look like when you finally see it edited together, but there are always sequences that I forget ever having filmed. In this programme I look forward to seeing how the freshwater crayfish sequence went together – it was brilliant to find this endangered species thriving in a tiny brook in the centre of the park. Let’s hope that they don’t get ousted by their more aggressive American cousins.

Anyway, the Gwent Wildlife Trust, please join it.  Yes, please join it.  I have been a member for getting on for 40 years.  If you have the least interest in the wildlife, environment and habitats on your doorstep please join.  You will receive lots of interesting information about what is going on in the Gwent countryside and have the chance to participate in all kinds of activities.  Your contribution goes towards protecting species and helping to conserve, improve and create important habitats.  It helps the Trust challenge the short-sighted ‘development’ proposals that threaten our countryside, peace and quiet and fresh air.  Please just check out the website, thank you.