Graham Horder

wildlife cinematographer – film maker

Graham Horder - Snowdonia

Graham Horder

“Graham is not merely a top-notch cameraman but also an extremely pleasant,
practical, humorous and agreeable man to work with and I would, therefore, highly recommend him to any future colleague who is also thinking of employing his services.”

Mike Salisbury – BBC NHU Wildlife Film Producer

full letter of recommendation

“It’s what I do.”

An introductory video CV & a selection of silent showreels

Wildlife Cameraman

I believe that field skills and getting on your subject’s wave length are all important. I’m known for blue chip long lens work, macro in studio and on location, specialist cameras and… well, I’m a generalist and can turn my hand to anything as the main video shows.

Shooting Solo

Some of my favourite trips have been when I’ve been flying solo, entrusted to bring back the goods. Having trained as an editor, bringing sequences together is part of my DNA.  Apparently my only problem is that I don’t know when to stop, but I don’t think that’s such a bad attribute.

Shooting Director

Filming wildlife is a passion but a lot of the work I do involves filming people. A high percentage of my wildlife assignments involve presenters and contributors. I’ve also filmed and directed music videos, drama, theatre performances, comedy, corporates and many others.


I’m a proper editor having edited countless wildlife films for broadcast and the RSPB. Most recently I edited a 1 hour wildlife special for NHK. I trained at the BBC. Having that editor brain out in the field is priceless. I run my own Avid suite which I also use to make wildlife conservation videos.